FTC warns of deceptive offers of employment opportunities

WASHINGTON (AP) — If you're tempted by work-at-home offers that promise a new source of income, be careful or you might become someone else's source of income.

The promises of earning incredible income doing almost nothing, working from home for yourself, probably sound too good to be true. And they often are. Federal Trade Commission consumer protection chief David Vladek says the newly coined term is "contra-preneurs" -- for scam artists who promote fraudulent business opportunities.

The FTC has announced more than 70 law enforcement actions against these scams, which take start-up money from their victims with false promises of extra income or the dream of running their own business.

Vladek says before you buy into such a deal, ask to see a one-page FTC disclosure form that spells out likely earnings and other details. If it doesn't, he says, "game over!"

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