Here is an update on AP Video-US stories either available or expected for 11/15/2012

Here is an update on AP Video-US stories either available or expected for 11/15/2012:




LED LIGHTS REPLACE 100-WATT BULBS - Sorry to see 100-watt bulbs disappear from stores because they were energy hogs? LED bulbs will roughly match the 100-watters for size and brightness, but their price may come as a shock. AVAILABLE NOW.




NAME OF FBI AGENT IN PETRAEUS SCANDAL RELEASED - The FBI agent who initiated the investigation that led to Petraeus has been identified. AVAILABLE NOW.

BENGHAZI HEARINGS - Closed hearings are held into the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi. Former CIA chief David Petraeus is expected to testify tomorrow.

BP OIL SETTLEMENT - BP has agreed to pay the largest criminal penalty in US history for the Gulf oil spill, while 2 workers face criminal charges.

OBAMA VISITS STATEN ISLAND - President Barack Obama is due to visit survivors of Superstorm Sandy during a tour of Staten Island.

SOFTWARE FOUNDER ON RUN IN BELIZE - Police are searching for software security founder John McAfee, who is in hiding after the death of an American neighbor. AVAILABLE NOW.




NY, ETAN PATZ CASE - Suspect Pedro Hernandez is due to appear at a pre-trial hearing into the three-decade old disappearance of Etan Patz.

NY, SANDY RECOVERY - President Obama and Mayor Bloomberg tour parts of Staten Island still recovering from Superstorm Sandy.

WA, POT PROBLEMS - Police in both Washington and Colorado are looking at their procedures after both states voted to legalize marijuana.

MN, STARVED CHILD CASE - Officials are asking a judge to terminate the parental rights of a Minnesota couple accused of starving one of their four children.

OK, WHEELCHAIR TOUCHDOWN - A young boy with muscular dystrophy achieves his dream, making a touchdown from his wheelchair.




MIDEAST CRISIS - Israel forces pounded Hamas positions as militant rockets continued to strike southern Israel, deepening the current crisis. Various VOSOTs AVAILABLE NOW, with further updates and international reactions expected.

CHINA LEADERSHIP - Xi Jinping is anointed as China's new leader, as the Communist Party's new Politburo Standing Committee is unveiled.

BELIZE McAFEE - The prime minister of Belize urges the founder of the Internet security giant McAfee to turn himself in to police for questioning. AVAILABLE NOW.

FRANCE BEAUJOLAIS - The first Beaujolais of the season is uncorked in Paris.




KELLY CLARKSON'S GREATEST HITS - Singer Kelly Clarkson on finding love and her success 10 years after winning the first 'American Idol.' AVAILABLE NOW.

CAETANO VELOSO HONORUED BY LATIN GRAMMYS - Brazilian entertainer Caetano Veloso named Latin Grammy Person of the Year. AVAILABLE NOW.

KEIRA KNIGHTLEY TAKES ON ANNA KARENINA - Keira Knightley and director Joe Wright talk about their new adaptation of Anna Karenina. AVAILABLE NOW.

CHRIS PINE ON RISE OF THE GUARDIANS - Actor Chris Pine talks about his first-time voice-over work in new animated film 'Rise of the Guardians.' AVAILABLE NOW.




FAKE MONA LISA - Reproductions of some of the world's great artworks have gone on display in Australia's capital, Canberra. They were painted by an Australian artist in the early 1900s for a practical reason - most Australians could not travel to Paris to see the originals.

GERMANY KITCHENSURFING - A new website allows food fanatics in New York and Berlin to hire local chefs to come and cook in their own homes.

INDONESIA ANIMAL CONSERVATION - An Indonesian animal welfare organization is trying to re-establish a healthy population of an endangered primate, the slow loris.


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