Here are some of the AP Video-US stories we are working on for 11/14/2012

Here are some of the AP Video-US stories we are working on for 11/14/2012:




'$5 DOCTOR' PRACTICES MEDICINE FROM A BYGONE ERA - At 87, Doctor Russell Dohner is still making his rounds - and still charging only $5 for a consultation. AVAILABLE NOW.

BORDER PATROL TRAINING UNDER SCRUTINY - AP takes a look at how new Border Patrol agents are trained, amid scrutiny of how the patrol applies deadly force. AVAILABLE NOW.




OBAMA NEWS CONFERENCE - President Obama is expected to make his first public comments on the Petraeus affair at a news conference this afternoon.

PETRAEUS SCANDAL - Lawmakers continue to dig into the Petraeus controversy and its links to another senior general, asking if national security was ever threatened.

MENINGITIS OUTBREAK HEARING - Hearings begin into the meningitis outbreak, as victims talk about the impact of the tainted steroid injections.

PELOSI STANDS AGAIN — A congressional official says Nancy Pelosi has told her caucus she will remain as House minority leader.




MA, RAW: SUV CAUSES MULTI-CAR CRASH - A doctor pleads not guilty to drunken driving after her car jumped a median strip in a crash caught on camera. AVAILABLE NOW.

MS, 3 PILOTS DIE IN PLANE CRASH - Three pilots on their way to a safety conference died when their plane plunged into a house in Mississippi. AVAILABLE NOW.

WA, RESCUERS LEAD TWO SNOWBOARDERS TO SAFETY - Two snowboarders are finally safe after sheltering for days on Mount Rainier. AVAILABLE NOW.

NY, ROCKEFELLER TREE - This year's Christmas tree is hoisted into place in Rockefeller Plaza after surviving Superstorm Sandy.

CA, NUDITY BAN - San Francisco protesters strip off to express their opposition to a proposed city-wide ban on public nudity.




BELIZE McAFEE - Police want to question the founder of the Internet security giant McAfee as part of their investigation into his neighbor's death.

EUROPE PROTESTS - Police and protesters clash during a series of anti-austerity rallies across Europe.

TURKEY SYRIA FIGHTING - Fighting between rebels and Syrian forces continues within sight of the Turkish border.

JAPAN TORNADO - A tornado is captured moving across the water and onto the Japanese coast. AVAILABLE NOW.

AUSTRALIA ECLIPSE - Thousands of people have gathered on beaches in northern Australia to watch a total solar eclipse. AVAILABLE NOW.

FRANCE BEAUJOLAIS - The first Beaujolais of the season is uncorked in Paris.




MADONNA GOES GANGNAM - Korean popster Psy appears on stage to perform 'Gangnam Style' with Madonna in New York. AVAILABLE NOW.

ROLLING STONES PREMIERE - The Rolling Stones attend the New York premiere of a new documentary celebrating the band's 50th anniversary. AVAILABLE NOW.

SALLY FIELD ON 'LINCOLN' ROLE - Sally Field talks about playing Abraham Lincoln's controversial wife in the new Speilberg bio-pic. AVAILABLE NOW.

BEATLES CATALOG RELEASED ON VINYL - Entire Beatles album catalog is released for the first time on new audiophile-quality vinyl. AVAILABLE NOW.




NORTH KOREA ENGLISH TV - North Korean television launches its first English-language program - called 'Let's Study English.'

HONG KONG URBAN FARMS - With space at a premium in busy Hong Kong, the only place to grow is up - literally. Urban farms are taking off on the city's rooftops.

MIDDLE EAST BIENNALE - Portraits and echoes of the Arab Spring dominate the first Palestinian Biennale of Contemporary Art.


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