Here are some of the AP Video-US stories we are working on for 11/12/2012

Here are some of the AP Video-US stories we are working on for 11/12/2012.



MYSTERY BLAST - Locals mourn the loss of a teacher and her husband in a massive blast that leveled Indiana homes. See Regional - Central.

VENICE UNDER WATER - Venice suffers the sixth-worst flood since records began, leaving tourists wading through the streets. See International.




FIRST LOOK AT TITANIC JEWELS - AP gets the first look at the largest-ever collection of jewels recovered from the RMS Titanic, as it is prepared for a special display marking the 100th anniversary of the sinking. AVAILABLE NOW.

WILL STREETCAR BOOST NEW ORLEANS ECONOMY? - With the Super Bowl less than three months away, New Orleans is rushing to lay streetcar tracks through one of its busiest corridors to connect by trolley the Louisiana Superdome, where the big game will be played Feb. 3, and the French Quarter. AVAILABLE NOW.




PETRAEUS QUESTIONS - Congressional leaders demand to know why they were not informed about the FBI investigation that led to the resignation of the CIA director. AVAILABLE NOW. Note: further update expected.

POWER ANGER - Two weeks after Superstorm Sandy hit the east coast, angry Long Island residents say their local utility has not done enough to restore power.

VETERANS DAY - The US Navy Ceremonial Guard attends wreath laying for Veterans Day, plus Veterans Day parade along Fifth Avenue, New York.




IN, TOWN MOURNS LOSS OF TEACHER IN BLAST - Parents, teachers and students gather to mourn the death of a second-grade teacher in a massive blast that leveled homes in Indianapolis. AVAILABLE NOW. Note: further update expected.

MS, SUPER BOWL STREETCAR - With the Super Bowl less than three months away, New Orleans is rushing to lay streetcar tracks to connect the French Quarter to the Louisiana Superdome, where the big game will be played Feb. 3.

MA, EMERGENCY MAPPING - Massachusetts Institute of Technology is pioneering a new robotic mapping system for emergency workers to compile detailed images of disaster zones.

DC, 'THE WHO' ON TEEN CANCER - Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend of The Who appear at the National Press Club to support for a UCLA program targeting teenage and young adult cancer.

CA, FOOD SCRAPS HELP WINEMAKERS - Food scraps from San Francisco restaurants are being recycled into compost to help fertilize vineyards.




SYRIA FIGHTING - An Israeli tank fires on a Syrian armored vehicle, and Syrian aircraft bomb areas near the Turkish border, raising fears the conflict may spread.

ITALY FLOODS - Heavy rain and high tides have flooded 70 percent of central Venice, while rivers have burst their banks across Tuscany.

BBC ABUSE SCANDAL GROWS - Two more BBC executives have stepped aside in a growing scandal over how the broadcaster reported sex abuse allegations.

EU MEETS ON GREECE - European Union leaders meet to debate the Greek debt crisis, after Athens approved a new austerity budget.

INJURED KOALA - A koala burned during a major bushfire in South Australia has been rescued and taken to an animal hospital.

ROME GOES GANGNAM - A flash mob brings 'Gangnam Style' dancing to the streets of Rome. AVAILABLE NOW.




TWILIGHT SAGA COMES TO A CLOSE - Fan are already camped out in anticipation of the final chapter in the Twilight saga, which hits theaters this Friday.

NINTENDO SET TO LAUNCH Wii U CONSOLE - Nintendo's new 'second screen' gaming console Wii U is set to hit stores in time for the Christmas rush. AVAILABLE NOW.

KRISTY LEE COOK PENS VETERANS ANTHEM - Country singer draws on poems written by her father on the battlefields of Vietnam to write her latest single. AVAILABLE NOW.




KYRGYZSTAN COFFEE BOOM - A Californian businessman is profiting from growing popularity of coffee in the emerging Central Asian market Kyrgyzstan.

INDIA DIWALI PREPARATIONS - Across India, preparations are underway for Diwali, the grand festival of lights that takes place tomorrow. Eager shoppers are snapping up elaborate jewelry, statues of the Hindu god Ganesh, and every type of lamp.

ZIMBABWE PENSIONERS - The meltdown of Zimbabwe's economy has erased the retirement savings of many pensioners, forcing them to work well into their old age just in order to survive.


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