Here are some of the AP Video-US stories we're working on for 11/07/2012

Here are some of the AP Video-US stories we're working on for 11/07/2012.



OBAMA WINS - After a fierce campaign battle, President Barack Obama has won a second term. See National.

HARDCORE YOGA - Buti Yoga now combines classic Yoga with pounding beats. See Life/Health/Technology.




OBAMA WINS SECOND TERM - All Election-related content can be found in the National and Regional sections of the site.

Planning On Covering:

THE TIPPING POINT - How did Obama win? How did Romney Lose? A look at successes and failures from the 2012 election season.

STATE OF THE GOP - In a very close race, the Republican party had high hopes for their candidate Mitt Romney. The party now looks towards the future and how to tackle the next four years.

NEXT FOUR YEARS - President Barack Obama has a lot of work to do going into to his second term.

VOTING PROBLEMS - With long lines, provisional ballots and voter ID issues, voting was a stressful experience for many Americans.

Available Now:

ROMNEY CONCEDES DEFEAT IN WHITE HOUSE RACE - In his concession speech, Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney told supporters that he will pray for Barack Obama's success in leading the nation. See National.

OBAMA CELEBRATES WIN, PLANS ROMNEY MEETING - President Obama thanked his supporters, spoke about unity and said he wants to work with Republicans and Democrats to move the country forward. He also said he plans to meet with Mitt Romney to discuss how they can work together. See National.

AP ANALYSIS: 'DEMOCRATS HAD PURE HUSTLE' - In a post-election analysis AP correspondent Liz Sidoti says President Barack Obama's re-election is the result of getting more of his supporters to turn out at the polls, than rival Mitt Romney. See National.

ROMNEY SUPPORTERS: SHOCK AND DISAPPOINTMENT - Supporters of Republican Mitt Romney expressed shock and disappointment after the Republican Presidential nominee conceded in the Presidential race. See National.




CO, VOTERS OK LEGALIZATION OF RECEREATIONAL POT - Colorado voters legalized recreational pot use, setting up a clash with federal drug policy. A similar measure was also approved in Washington state, though voters in Oregon rejected it. AVAILABLE NOW.

MA, OBAMA SUPPORTERS CELEBRATE - Democratic President Barack Obama won in the Massachusetts general election, giving him 11 electoral votes on his way to an electoral victory nationwide. AVAILABLE NOW.

NY, TIMES SQUARE CELEBRATIONS - Crowds of President Obama's supporters gathered in Times Square to celebrate his election victory over Republican Mitt Romney. AVAILABLE NOW.

DC, OBAMA DOMINATES HEADLINES AT NEWSEUM - The Newseum in Washington displays newspapers from around the country and the world. Wednesday the president's re-election was the clear lead story. AVAILABLE NOW.




US ELECTION - The world reacts to the re-election of President Barack Obama.

CHINA PARTY CONGRESS - China's communists called the scandal surrounding disgraced politician Bo Xilai a 'profound lesson' for the ruling party, as delegates gathered in Beijing on the eve of a key leadership congress.

GHANA MALL COLLAPSE - The top floors of a five-story shopping center built earlier this year in a suburb of Ghana's capital collapsed, killing at least one person and leaving several dozen people trapped in the rubble.




SWIFT TURNS ON CHRISTMAS LIGHTS IN LONDON - Taylor Swift talks about her amazing album results while speaking at Westfield London shopping mall, where she was switching on the Christmas lights. (Nov. 6)

COTILLARD HONORED BY AFI - The American Film Institute pays homage to Oscar-winning actress Marion Cottilard. (Nov. 6)




BUTI YOGA - Voters in the U.S. election might find Buti Yoga is the perfect way to unwind from politics. It's the latest fitness craze in Hollywood that combines yoga with tribal dance and pounding music.

MIDDLE EAST SUFI TRAIL - Firmly nestled in the West Bank hilltops and woods, Sufism has a long history in the Palestinian Territories, and now a new tourism trail is publicizing the forgotten shrines.

AUSTRALIA TREE TOWERS - In a unique experiment, scientists are using carbon towers to help predict the impact of global warming on the planet.


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