Pastor riding out storm in Cape May, NJ

CAPE MAY, N.J. (AP) — A pastor riding out the superstorm just outside the mandatory evacuation zone says some members of his congregation refused to leave their home in Ocean City, N.J.

The Rev. Dan Barr of Shore Points Presbyterian Church says the Ocean City couple didn't want to leave their pets behind in the three-story condo. By Monday afternoon, he says they were forced to move upstairs as the first floor filled with floodwaters. Barr says he's praying that their building is as structurally sound as they considered it to be.

Barr, who lives in Cape May, said he expected his own home to withstand the hurricane-force winds, although his yard was flooded.

While he won't say the storm is God's judgment, Barr believes America has turned its back on God, and that God "is getting our attention."

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