US superstorm threatens millions

SHIP BOTTOM, N.J. (AP) — Forecasters say the scope of the coming East Coast superstorm makes it pretty much irrelevant where it hits land because the effects will be felt in a third of the country and by up to 60 million people.

Millions along the coast are being told to get out of the way and the confluence of Hurricane Sandy and two winter systems is expected to bring sheets of rain, high winds and heavy snow.

Several states have already declared emergencies and President Barack Obama plans to skip campaigning tomorrow and Tuesday to monitor the situation from the White House.

Federal, state and local emergency preparedness operations are swinging into action.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo told the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to prepare to shut the New York City subways, buses and suburban trains.

Atlantic City officials say an evacuation begins at noon.

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243-a-08-(Governor Deval (deh-VAWL') Patrick, D-Mass., at briefing)-"side each other"-Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick says utilities will have extra crews working to handle any power outages. (27 Oct 2012)

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241-a-10-(Governor Deval (deh-VAWL') Patrick, D-Mass., at briefing)-"a long time"-Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick says this storm is especially worrisome. (27 Oct 2012)

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244-c-14-(Seth Borenstein (bohr-ehn-STYN'), AP science writer)-"at the same time"-AP Science Writer Seth Borenstein reports the superstorm is being created by an unusual convergence of normal weather patterns. (27 Oct 2012)

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247-c-16-(Seth Borenstein (bohr-ehn-STYN'), AP science writer)-"maybe even more"-AP Science Writer Seth Borenstein reports the superstorm is likely to bring significant snowfall to the Appalachian region. (27 Oct 2012)

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237-a-09-(Mayor Michael Bloomberg, I-New York, at news conference)-"to stay indoors"-New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg says residents should prepare their homes for the storm. (27 Oct 2012)

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