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The Indiana general election will be on Nov. 6, 2012. Testing of the AP's election night reporting system began Oct. 1. Here are the details:

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Nov. 6 general election:

—Poll closing: 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. Eastern

—Election night results: First returns are expected before 6:30 p.m. Eastern.

—Race calls: AP will make race calls during testing and on election night. Race call alerts can be found on Webfeeds and on the print and broadcast wires, in the following format:


Date Time,,

BULLETIN (AP) — Candidate Name, Party, wins State.


Date Time,,

BULLETIN (AP) — Candidate Name, Party,elected U.S. House, District nn, State.

Contested races: AP will make race calls election night in the contested races, unless they are too close to call.

Uncontested races: AP will not tabulate uncontested races. A list of the races, IN-Uncontested, will move to premium services subscribers at ftp://electionsonline.ap.org/IN/anpa/ and to state news and broadcast wires.

Winners: AP will send a list of unofficial winners in called races at the end of its election night results tabulation. The winners' list also will be sent during each test. Premium services subscribers will find IN-Winners at ftp://electionsonline.ap.org/IN/anpa/.

End of election night results tabulation: AP will advise when it has concluded tabulating results in its election night reporting system, which is generally at 5 p.m. local time the day after the election.


Indiana Republicans hope to pick up the big prizes in the Nov. 6 election with wins from president to the Statehouse.

First on the GOP's list is reclaiming what had been a sure bet in the state for decades until Barack Obama played spoiler in 2008: a Republican vote for president.

Obama's 2008 victory gave Democrats their first presidential win in Indiana since 1964, but the 2012 race between Obama and Romney has shown few signs of the energizing campaigns that gripped the state four years ago.

Republicans are fighting to keep the U.S. Senate seat held by Richard Lugar for 36 years. Lugar lost the May primary to tea party-backed state Treasurer Richard Mourdock, who faces Democratic Rep. Joe Donnelly in the general election. Polls have shown the two are running even, and moderate voters who supported Lugar in the primary could be the key to the outcome.

The GOP hopes to increase its hold on the state's congressional seats. Indiana has three open congressional seats following the retirement of Republican Rep. Dan Burton in the 5th District, Rep. Mike Pence's decision to leave his 6th District seat to run for governor and Donnelly's decision to run for Senate instead of seeking re-election to his 2nd District seat in northern Indiana.

In the 6th District, former Republican state Rep. Luke Messer is favored over Democrat Bradley Bookout. The 2nd District pits former Republican state Rep. Jackie Walorski, a tea party favorite, against Democrat Brendan Mullen, an Army veteran. Republican Susan Brooks faces Democratic state Rep. Scott Reske in the 5th District race to succeed Burton.

Southern Indiana's "Bloody Eighth" district, so named because of its history of brutal congressional battles, could live up to its nickname as first-term Republican Rep. Larry Bucshon faces a stiff challenge from Democratic former state Rep. Dave Crooks.

Voters also will decide who will succeed Republican Mitch Daniels as governor. Pence is being challenged by former Democratic House Speaker John Gregg.

Republicans currently hold majorities in the state Senate and House, and they need just seven additional seats in the House to gain a supermajority that allows them to conduct business with no Democrats present.


—AP will test its election night reporting system from 2 to 3 p.m. Eastern on these dates: Friday, Oct. 5; Monday, Oct. 8; Wednesday, Oct. 10; Friday, Oct. 12; Monday, Oct. 15; Wednesday, Oct. 18; Friday, Oct. 19; Monday, Oct. 22; Wednesday, Oct. 24; Friday, Oct. 26; Monday, Oct. 29; Wednesday, Oct. 31; Friday, Nov. 2; Monday, Nov. 5.

—There will be a test transmission from 2 to 3 p.m. Eastern Election Day, but it will only include zero vote totals.

—AP's national election night reporting system also will be tested during state testing. See national testing advisories for details: BC-US--General Election Tests-National Reports,Advisory; BC-US--General Election Tests-Member Choice, Advisory; AP-Election Testing APTV/Newspower Max Advisory; AP-Election Testing Newspower Advisory; AP-Election Testing Headlines Advisory.

—Precincts: Statewide and race-specific precinct totals used in initial testing are preliminary. AP will advise when precinct totals are updated and final for election night.

—Important note about AP WebFeeds: With the introduction of AP WebFeeds, it is imperative that customers validate the formatting of election tables sent to state and national newspaper wires during weekly tests. Direct questions to AP Customer Support at (877) 836-9477 or apcustomersupport(at)ap.org.


—During the test period, it is vital to read daily testing advisories, which move to premium subscribers' FTP folders and to news and broadcast wire advisory queues. Advisories will note updates to tables, including changes to candidates, races, precinct totals, etc., and will indicate the test date when noted updates will appear. Databases can change up to Election Day.

—Capture each day's test during the test period, including the Monday test immediately preceding the Tuesday election. Ensure you have the latest updates and that tables include votes for every candidate in every race and that every race goes to 100 percent of precincts reporting, unless otherwise noted in an advisory.

—All tables are reported on every 5-7 minutes to digital services during testing and on election night.

—All tables will move to news and broadcast wires during each day's hour long test. Note that the frequency that reports run during tests may not reflect the election night schedule as detailed below. For example, county tables that Member Choice subscribers see during the hour long tests will move to that service only once after midnight on election night. Premium service subscribers should note the scheduled frequency of results that will move to their regular AP news and broadcast services, in addition to the results that will move to their FTP folders.

—Test table results have been created electronically to test the accuracy of the election night reporting system. They do not reflect an expectation of election night results. They should not be broadcast, published or replicated on websites.


—Direct questions about election tables and testing to regional Election Coordinator Laura Price, phone (812) 923-7069; email laprice(at)ap.org

—Direct questions about news and photo coverage to News Editor Jeni O'Malley, phone (317) 639-5501; email jo'malley(at)ap.org


—Direct questions about AP Elections Online delivery to AP Customer Support at (877) 836-9477 or apcustomersupport(at)ap.org. Documentation for the service also can be found at http://apdigitalsupport.ap.org.


—Print members interested in premium services should contact Chief of Bureau George Garties, phone (312) 920-3645; email ggarties(at)ap.org

—TV members should contact Regional Television Executive Bob Young, phone (770) 518-9511; email byoung(at)ap.org

—Large-market radio members should contact Sales Executive Chris Weis, phone (312) 621-1798; email cweis(at)ap.org

—Small-market radio members should contact Sales Executive Vance Koretos, phone (312) 621-8680; email vkoretos(at)ap.org


—"TopRaces-Glance-Sum" includes a statewide vote summary - giving the total number of precincts reporting, the candidates' names, their vote tallies and the percentage of the vote they have at that point - for these contested races: President, Senate, Governor, Attorney General and Superintendent of Education.

—"Contested" gives vote summaries by office type for these contested races: U.S. House, State Senate and State House.

—"Cnty" gives vote totals by county for each candidate for these contested races: President, U.S Senate and Governor.

—"Pres-CntyLong" gives vote summaries for each candidate for president in a county by county, long format.

—"Senate-CntyLong" gives vote summaries for each candidate for senate in a county by county, long format.

—"Gov-CntyLong" gives vote summaries for each candidate for governor in a county by county, long format.

—"Trend" tables show whether Democrats or Republicans are gaining or losing seats in a state's Congressional delegation, the state Senate and the state House.


—Here are the slugs for results tables in the races AP will be tabulating and the approximate times they will be moving each hour to digital feeds and various news/broadcast wires after polls close election night:


—Results are updated every 5 to 7 minutes for the following reports:

—National election reports:

Presidential Reports (ftp://electionsonline.ap.org/Pres_reports/anpa): US-Pres-Sum (national President Sum, top candidates)

US-Pres-SumA (national President Sum, all candidates)

National Balance of Power reports (ftp://electionsonline.ap.org/Trend/anpa): US-Gov-Sum (national Governor balance of power)

US-Senate-Sum (national U.S. Senate balance of power) US-House-Sum (national U.S. House balance of power)

—State election reports:
















—National election reports, see:

BC-US--General Election Tests-Member Choice,Advisory

BC-US--General Election Tests-National Reports,Advisory

—State election reports:

BC-IN-TopRaces-Glance-Sum, every 30 minutes starting at :20

BC-IN-Pres-Cnty, every 60 minutes at :20

BC-IN-House-Contested, every 60 minutes at :40

BC-IN-StSen-Contested, even numbered hours at :40

BC-IN-StHou-Contested, odd numbered hours at :45

BC-IN-House-Trend, every 60 minutes at :40

BC-IN-StSen-Trend, every 60 minutes at :40

BC-IN-StHou-Trend, every 60 minutes at :40

BC-IN-Senate-Cnty, every 60 minutes at :50

BC-IN-Gov-Cnty, odd numbered hours at :50


—National election reports, see: AP-Election Testing APTV/Newspower Max Advisory

—State election reports:

AP-IN-TopRaces-Glance-Sum, every 30 minutes starting at :20

AP-IN-House-Contested, even numbered hours at :40

AP-IN-StSen-Contested, even numbered hours at :40

AP-IN-StHou-Contested, odd numbered hours at :45

AP-IN-House-Trend, every 60 minutes at :40

AP-IN-StSen-Trend, every 60 minutes at :40

AP-IN-StHou-Trend, every 60 minutes at :40


—National election reports, see: AP-Election Testing Newspower Advisory

—State election reports, see:

AP-IN-TopRaces-Glance-Sum, every 30 minutes starting at :20

AP-IN-House-Contested, two times a night at 10:40 and 1:40

AP-IN-StSen-Contested, even numbered hours at :40

AP-IN-StHou-Contested, odd numbered hours at :45

AP-IN-House-Trend, every 60 minutes at :40

AP-IN-StSen-Trend, every 60 minutes at :40

AP-IN-StHou-Trend, every 60 minutes at :40


—National election reports, see: AP-Election Testing Headlines Advisory

—State election reports:

AP-IN-TopRaces-Glance-Sum, every 60 minutes starting at :50

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