2 Colo. victims mourned at funerals in Ohio, Texas

UPDATED: Saturday July 28, 2012 5:35 PM

SPRINGFIELD, Ohio (AP) — At funerals in Ohio and Texas today, mourners have been remembering two of the 12 people killed in the Colorado movie theater massacre.

The woman whose life was saved by Matt McQuinn attended his funeral in Springfield, Ohio. Samantha Yowler wept quietly with McQuinn's parents as pastors praised her boyfriend's heroism.

McQuinn was shot three times while shielding Yowler during the Colorado theater shooting. Yowler is getting around on crutches after being shot in the knee.

In San Antonio, friends and family laughed and cried as they celebrated Jessica Ghawi's (GAH'-weez) positive, energetic spirit. A statement from Ghawi's mother described her as a "jolt of lightning" and likened her to "a Labrador puppy running clumsily with innocent joy."

Her brother encouraged everyone to act on their dreams as his sister did. Jordan Ghawi also described the shooter as a hate-filled "coward."

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