Edwards acquitted on 1 count, mistrial on others

GREENSBORO, N.C. (AP) — John Edwards' campaign finance fraud case has ended in a mistrial and it doesn't look like the case will return to court.

Jurors acquitted the former presidential candidate on one of the six charges he faced, but they were unable to reach a verdict on the others.

The trial exposed a sordid sex scandal that unfolded while Edwards' wife was dying of cancer. But prosecutors couldn't convince jurors that Edwards masterminded a million dollar cover-up of his affair.

Appearing outside the court in Greensboro, N.C., Edwards said while he never thought he'd done anything illegal, he did do an "awful lot that was wrong." Edwards thanked the jury and his family, and choked up when talking about the daughter he had with his mistress Rielle (ree-EHL') Hunter.

He also said he doesn't "think God's through" with him, and suggested he might pursue efforts aimed at helping poor children.

Federal prosecutors may be through with Edwards, though. A law enforcement official tells The Associated Press a retrial is unlikely.

Legal experts have described the case as difficult to prosecute, centering as it did on the arcane world of campaign finance law.

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033-c-18-(Michael Biesecker (BEE'-sih-kur), AP correspondent)-"the jurors said"-AP correspondent Michael Biesecker reports U.S. District Court Judge Catherine C. Eagles gave no indication whether she believed the 12 jurors are close to a verdict in the trial of two-time Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards. (31 May 2012)

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275-c-14-(Michael Biesecker (BEE'-sih-kur), AP correspondent)-"in a retrial"-AP correspondent Michael Biesecker reports a law enforcement official says it is unlikely that the Justice Department will retry John Edwards. (31 May 2012)

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GRAPHICSBANK: John Edwards, former Democrat presidential candidate accused of campaign law violations over gavel on texture with MISTRIAL lettering, finished graphic (31 May 2012)

APPHOTO NCCB213: Ex-presidential candidate John Edwards speaks outside a federal courthouse as his daughter, Cate Edwards, left, and father Wallace Edwards, listen after his campaign finance fraud case ended in a mistrial Thursday, May 31, 2012 in Greensboro, N.C. Jurors acquitted Edwards on one charge and deadlocked on the other five, unable to decide whether he used money from two wealthy donors to hide his pregnant mistress while he ran for president and his wife was dying of cancer. (AP Photo/Chuck Burton) (31 May 2012)

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APPHOTO NCCB109: Ex-presidential candidate John Edwards speaks outside a federal courthouse after the jury's verdict in his trial on charges of campaign corruption in Greensboro, N.C., Thursday, May 31, 2012. Edwards thanked jurors and his family after a mistrial was declared in his campaign corruption trial and says he is responsible for his sins. (AP Photo/Chuck Burton) (31 May 2012)

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