Mother Pressing Charges Against Teachers Caught Recording, Condoning Children To Fight At Columbus Day Care

UPDATED: Tuesday August 26, 2014 11:42 PM

A mother is pressing charges against two teachers at a Columbus day care after they were allegedly caught on camera "recording and condoning children fighting.

Management at the Stepping Stones Daycare Center on Freeway Drive North in north Columbus found out about the video on Monday. They reviewed security camera footage and confirmed the two teachers were not only recording the children fighting, but also condoning the violence.

"It blew my mind," said the little boy's mom, Taylor Towns.

When the Towns, found out, she was irate.

"One, you don't record other peoples' children," said Towns. "Two, you're instigating two, three-year-olds to hit each other."

Towns says that is now what she wants her son to learn.

"We're trying to teach these young kids to not hit each other, to respect one another's personal space," Towns said.

She also worries where that video may have wound up.

"All the social media that's going on, everybody recording people doing whatever and then uploading it," Towns said.

When stepping stones found out about the video, Assistant Director Victoria Carter, immediately scoured the surveillance and said it was all there. She said the video also indicated which teachers were involved.

"I was really upset because these kids are like my kids," said Carter.

One teacher had already been fired for another violation. The second was let go immediately and a letter was sent home to parents.

"That's the reason we do have cameras, when incidents do happen to put our parents at ease," said Carter.

Both parents think the center took the right action. Instead, they're taking aim at the women behind the cameras.

"Oh yeah, I'm pressing charges against both the girls," said Towns.

10TV also spoke with the little girl's mother as well. She didn't want to go on camera but says she worries also where the video will end up and plans to press charges.

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