10TV Uncovers New Evidence In Unsolved Grandview Heights Murder From Last Year

UPDATED: Monday August 11, 2014 6:49 PM

One year ago neighbors watched in shock as police swarmed the apartment on Woodhill Drive where Jennifer Cooke was found stabbed to death.  

Police were quick to name her ex-husband a person of interest in the murder investigation. 

“I've never been in trouble with the law before,” said David Culbertson.

Now, 10TV has uncovered new information about Culbertson. Another woman says he was stalking her just weeks before Cooke was murdered.  

10TV has obtained video from a civil court hearing in November 2013. 10TV is not identifying the woman who says she met Culbertson on a dating website.

“I don't feel safe in my own home,” she said.

In a request for a stalking protection order, the woman writes Culbertson had "driven by my house" "to check on me."  He had "figured out" how to "unlock the pass code" on my cell phone. 

Court records show in June 2013, just two months before Cooke was killed, Culbertson "waited outside" the woman's home until another man picked her up for a date.  She testified the next morning she received a disturbing text message. 

“With a picture of my house showing that I wasn't home yet.”

Court records show a few days later, Culbertson paid a surprise visit to the man and warned him the woman had "financial problems" and told him he "should stay away."

The woman's neighbor told the court on July 13, she saw David "walking around" the woman's home.  She testified David "took pictures" of "packages" on the porch.  

Grandview police officers investigating the murder of Jennifer Cooke sat in on the hearing. They heard Culbertson testify his ex-wife was the main reason his new relationship ended. 

And for the first time, evidence was heard that indicates Cooke may have been fearful of her ex-husband.

“He had mentioned that one of his ex-wives, Jennifer, had thought he was stalking her. “

After that was said, lawyers objected, only to be overruled by the judge.

David Culbertson maintains his innocence, and no criminal charges have ever been filed against him.  But Grandview police say he remains a person of interest.  

10TV wanted to know, has he ever been given the chance to clear his name?

Grandview Heights police say they did offer Culbertson a chance to take a lie detector test.

“Yes, we have personally asked him, and we've asked his attorney several times. He declined it,” said Officer Janna Cohill, Grandview Heights Police.

In June, the judge granted the woman stalking protection order.  The murder of Jennifer Cooke remains unsolved.  

Police say they continue to send possible evidence to the lab in search of DNA that could lead investigators to her killer.  

10TV reached out to the attorney representing David Culbertson.  She initially agreed to talk with us about the case, but despite several attempts, we were unable to reach her for comment before this story aired.  

10TV last spoke with Culbertson off camera in April, when he told us he hopes his ex-wife’s killer is caught and brought to justice.

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