Wave Of Vandalism Hits Reynoldsburg Overnight

UPDATED: Friday July 25, 2014 5:49 PM

It's one of the largest vandalism sprees Reynoldsburg has ever seen.  

Residents of one apartment complex woke up to see the tires on their cars slashed.  It happened Friday morning along Taylor Road Southwest near Route 256. 

Nick Cicak spent the morning repairing his tire after someone punctured it overnight.   

It just so happens he wasn't alone.

“Everybody I talked to said it's not going to get paid for … it's pretty upsetting,” Cicak sighs.

There were over 40 victims in the apartment complex alone.   Police say the suspects went after the tires, slashing one after another.   But police tell 10TV the vandals also spray painted cars with graffiti.

Residents were left wondering why someone would do so much damage.  

“I started to do a property walk and noticed that every street had 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 cars vandalized, so I immediately called the cops,” says Preston Hutchins, one of the victims.

Police believe it may be the work of more than just one person.  They're hoping surveillance video captured people slashing the tires.

In the meantime, all they can do is make repair-after-repair and hope whoever is responsible will ultimately pay.  

Police also say they found four cars in the parking lot of a Sams Club vandalized.   The parking lot is only several hundred yards from the apartment complex.   Police are hoping surveillance video from the store will shed some light into who caused all this damage.

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