Former Newark Assistant Band Director Pleads Guilty To Charges He Had Sex With Students

UPDATED: Tuesday July 22, 2014 6:36 PM

A former assistant high school band director has pleaded guilty after being accused of having sex with students.

Anthony J. Miller pleaded guilty to 12 of the counts against him, which included three counts of sexual battery and two counts of disseminating matter harmful to a juvenile.

Prosecutors say Miller had sex with three of his students over a three year period.

All of the students were at Newark High School at the time of the sexual involvement.

10TV has obtained video from Miller’s conversations while being questioned by authorities.  It begins with police telling him why he's a suspect.

In the video, Miller is about to learn his social media messages with a former student have been exposed after the victim’s mother found them on her daughter’s Facebook page.

Detective: She gets into her Facebook postings

Miller: Ok

Detective: And it's obviously the two of you been talking

Miller: Ok

Detective: In a sexual nature.

For two hours, Miller and police discuss his flirting with former female band students via social media.

Detective: You're asking her about her underwear and you like her thong

Miller: Ok

Miller admits to police the sex with former students and one in school was consensual.  He says his actions are the result of a sex addiction he's sought treatment for.  “There sometimes that I feel like I can't control my impulses. Not necessarily control from doing things, but form saying things.”

Detectives say his actions were methodical.

Detective: Everything that we're finding so far is indicative that you are basically grooming these girls when they're in high school.

Police ask him, if he thinks he should be around children.

Detective: These kids are being victimized do you understand that?

Miller: I've questioned that before.

Shortly afterwards, Miller is arrested.  Then, tells his wife why.

Miller: I am under arrest because of improper conduct at school with students in the past and former students.

Miller will find out how how long he'll spend in prison when he's sentenced next month   In addition he'll be also have to register as a sex offender, in Newark.

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