FBI Investigating Chillicothe Police For Conduct Concerns

UPDATED: Friday July 18, 2014 6:28 PM

A Central Ohio Police Department is under federal investigation.  10TV has learned the FBI is looking into police conduct at the Chillicothe Police Department.

"Obviously, the city didn't do a proper investigation or they would not have cleared this officer from any wrong doing,” said attorney Bret Adams.  He’s talking about the investigation involving his client, Matt Mitchell, who suffered a black eye and possible brain damage when a Chillicothe officer body slammed him while he was handcuffed in a jail holding area.

An internal investigation cleared the officer of wrongdoing, but now, the FBI is investigating. 10TV has confirmed they have talked to Chillicothe law enforcement officials. Adams says he was contacted too. He believes investigators are looking at more than one incident.

“They gave me indication, certainly, that it went beyond Mr.  Mitchell,” Adams states.

However, Chillicothe officials deny the investigation goes beyond Mitchell. Mayor Jack Everson told 10TV by phone he welcomes a review of the Mitchell incident.   "I think outside agencies looking into our internal investigation results in bringing clarity and credibility to our investigation."

The Mayor says the FBI's only involved because Adams called the bureau. Not true, says Adams.  "There was no call made by Mr. Mitchell or his counsel to the FBI whatsoever. That's an outrageous allegation.”

The mayor of Chillicothe says that if the FBI finds the police department made mistakes, it will make changes.

The FBI declined to comment on the investigation because it is on-going.

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