Franklin County Sheriff’s Office Offers Free Training to Civilians

UPDATED: Thursday June 19, 2014 6:28 PM

Unarmed civilians are being offered training scenarios from the Franklin County Sheriff's Office.

The participants can learn what to do if they are confronted by a gunman.

The key to surviving a gunman infiltrating a building is having a plan, now - rather than later. Officials say learning your plan will keep you calm when you may be panicking.

If there's a gunman in the hall and no windows to get out, you must barricade the door - even if it locks. You can use a file cabinet, chairs, or an extension cord to tie off the door.

Also, remember to silence your cellphone because a call can give away your location.

Sheriff's deputies say you have three options: avoid, deny, and defend.

"We can't cower in a corner. We can't hide and hope. We have to do something,” said Deputy Tony Casper, FCSO.

Deputies say bombarding the gunman with anything you can throw at him, causing him to flinch, can help you escape or take the suspect down.

The Sheriff's Office is offering training free to anyone who registers.

"Our Sheriff knows that your safety is the most important thing. That is what we're here for," added Casper.

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