National Weather Service Says Cedarville Tornado Was EF-3, 145 MPH Winds

UPDATED: Thursday May 15, 2014 5:47 PM

Yesterday's storm spawned at least one tornado that left its mark in southwestern Ohio. It tore roofs off of homes and damaged farmhouses in Cedarville in Greene County.

The National Weather Service surveyed the damage on Thursday in portions of Warren and Clark counties, in addition to damage in Greene County.

Around 2 p.m., the NWS determined that it was an EF-3 that struck Cedarville. The preliminary report estimated winds from the tornado at 145 miles per hour.

"The radar can sense debris and to see that and know that, oh my gosh, these are people's lives inside this tornado… and to come out and see it within 12 hours after working the event, it's very humbling,” said Seth Binau, NWS.

Residents are still picking up the pieces from the storms.

The tornado on Wednesday swept through farm fields and demolished homes. The Cedarville police chief said the tornado looked like it was a football field wide. Residents say the tornado even hurled a pickup truck into a field.

Roger Dobbins may have lost everything in the tornado, but it didn’t take his sense of humor.

While going through debris on Thursday, Dobbins found a watch and a pair of shoes.

“Yeah! I can go to church on Sunday,” he said.

The tornado flatted the farmhouse that he and his wife Patty shared for nearly 50 years. Roger says he saw the funnel cloud and made it to the basement just in time.

“I didn't have time to be scared,” he said.

Dobbins and his family hid in a crawl space and no one was hurt.

“We know God was with us, and he'll get us through,” he added.

The family is also grateful to the community. Many left their farm fields to help the Dobbins pick of the pieces of their farming business that is now scattered across acres of their farmland.

Seven people, including three children, took shelter in the basement as the house collapsed above them during the twister.

“I kinda heard a loud thump. It was really noisy. It sounded like a whole bunch of rocks and bricks fell down,” said 7-year-old Dalton Smith.

10TV spoke with Cedarville Police Chief Chris Gillaugh, who says he witnessed the tornado. "It actually had come down, was on the ground picking up dirt, picking up, you know, whatever was on the ground. I was watching it and had seen it hit something because the debris was up swirling around.”

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