Federal Employee Faces Charge For Carrying A Gun

UPDATED: Thursday March 6, 2014 11:38 AM

A federal employee who is not supposed to have a gun is facing charges after he allegedly flashed the badge to Reynoldsburg police. The man has a badge from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms to work as an inspector.

Police officers say he is not authorized to carry a weapon.
Cruiser video shows the traffic stop involving Teren Jones.

Officers think the ATF inspector hoped that his employee badge would fool them when he flashed it at them and said, “That was my badge.”

“Let me see your badge. I want to see your badge,” replied the officer. “I want to see if your credentials are actually valid.”

“Upon closer examination, we determined that it was not, as far as law enforcement credentials,” said Lt. Ron Wright, Renoldsburg Police.

Wright says this wasn't the first time the suspect, Tehren Jones, has flashed those credentials.

“We have had contact with this individual before who has shown his credentials and claimed to be an ATF agent.”

This time was different. Officers at the scene suspected Jones had something illegal in his car. They called in a search dog. That's when they say they found a loaded handgun.

They arrested Jones and charged him with a felony in the 4th degree.

Wright says Jones did not have authority to transport the weapons in the manner that he was doing.

When contacted about Jones’ job status, the agency said it cannot comment on personnel matters.

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