Fire Marshal Takes 10TV Through A Home To Provide Important Safety Info

UPDATED: Thursday February 13, 2014 11:59 PM

“You never know when something's going to happen,” said Melanie Campbell, homeowner.

Just the idea of fire in the home sparks fear, especially when a child depends on you.

It's why personal fire prevention is important.

Plain Township Fire Marshal Terry Guthrie gave Campbell's home a once-over.

During the inspection, he found a fire extinguisher.

In case of cooking fires, he says placement in the kitchen pantry is smart - but don't place it on the floor.   

“The biggest thing with a fire extinguisher would be to have it mounted on a wall somewhere so it doesn't get moved around. if it's like my house, I'll set something on the floor, then something in front of it...and i keep pushing it further back then can't get to it when I need it really bad,” said Gunthrie.

You should also make sure your extinguisher is charged so it works when you need it.

In the basement, Guthrie gave Campbell high marks for keeping the home’s electrical panel clear, but said the family stored stuff too close to the furnace.

“Furnace, hot water heater - anything that makes heat like that -- we like to see 30 inches of clearance around that,” added Gunthrie.

Don’t forget to test the smoke detectors at least once a month. Guthrie says have one on every floor and in every bedroom.

According to Guthrie, Statistics show you have about three minutes to get out of the house when fire hits so early warning is crucial.
A recent fire in a New Albany house is proof.  It spread through the duct work from the basement to the second floor in less than six minutes.

Simple rules can buy you time:

a.    Sleep with doors shut, to put a barrier between you and a potential fire
b.    Practice an escape plan with your children
c.    Keep exit points clear so your path is easy to maneuver
d.    You should also know where to go if smoke blocks your route

Gunthrie gave Campbell’s home an A- and said there were just a couple things to correct:  the fire extinguisher placement and the stored stuff around the furnace.

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