Wildlife Officials Take Second Look At Video Showing Large Cat

UPDATED: Monday February 10, 2014 11:35 PM

An Ohio Department of Natural Resources wildlife official took a second look at video that shows a large cat roaming through Canal Winchester.

On Friday, ODNR thought it was a coyote. Over the weekend, they said it was a large feral house cat. Wildlife officials say it is definitely not a mountain lion.

"It's got a pretty fast gait to be a large animal," said ODNR Wildlife Officer Tony Zerkle.

Zerkle says it's all about depth perception.

He thinks the animal is much smaller than it appears in this footage captured last week by surveillance video from 33 Storage.  At first, ODNR said coyote, but the officer says they were just looking at still pictures.

"We believe after reviewing the footage, multiple people have pointed out several things, that it is a feral house cat," said Zerkle.

Neighbors have seen the video too and don't think it's a domestic animal.

"Never really did say anything to anybody because I didn't think anybody would believe us," said Chuck Wilde.

Wilde owns the security camera business next to 33 Storage. He says he spotted the same animal five months ago while he was fishing in the pond out back.

"We knew it wasn't a coyote because we have a coyote back there. We knew it wasn't a bobcat because it was too small. So the only thing it left it to be was a mountain lion," said Wilde.

Wilde saw our story and says he feels vindicated. He looked back at his surveillance video. It did spot a stray cat that night.

"It's not the same animal. I'm sorry. I don't believe it is," said Wilde, "I can't tell you what's out there but I know something is and one of these days we'll have better proof of it."

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