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Columbus man uses Social Media to find lost property

UPDATED: Wednesday January 1, 2014 6:38 PM

 A Columbus man is turning to social media to help stolen bike victims. John Robinson says his ultimate goal is to use crowd sourcing within the bike community to notify people when a bike is stolen for swift recovery. Clintonville resident Catherine Girves was heartsick when her bike was stolen because it's her only form of transportation. She says a single post on Facebook though, changed everything. "It was amazing, it went viral," she said of the post. Within a week, Girves says her bike was recovered. It's these kinds of stories that inspired Rosinson to create "Bike Snoop," a Facebook forum to help victims of bike thefts. "The police don't have time to go and look on Craigslist and Ebay for what they consider a small ticket item even though a lot of these bikes are worth more than some used cars," said Robinson.

Robinson met us at northland cycle in Clintonville - an area he says is plagued with thieves looking for quick cash. "People don't know how to lock their bikes securely, that's why my bike was stolen it was not securely locked," said Girves. Bike experts recommend using a two part system when securing your bike, first use an accessory cable attached that to the rear whell and then use a lock to attach the cable and frame to an immoveable object. Robinson says if the bike is stolen, on his page, you can post serial numbers, accessories or any markings that are key for tracking. Girves says through the Facebook page, she hopes to help others get their bikes back too. "The cycling community in Columbus is really looking out for each other and we're watching for the thieves too this is not a good place to be a thief," she said.

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