Central Ohioan Challenges Himself With 52 New Year’s Resolutions

UPDATED: Wednesday January 1, 2014 11:40 PM

 A man, not new to making New Year’s resolutions, challenges himself to 52 New Year's resolutions for this year.


Each item on his lofty list, he says, with a purpose and a plan.


Columbus resident, Gregg Dodd, says this year's resolution list is unique.  With everything from 'spending a day with a Fortune 500 CEO' to scuba diving, he says he plans to make waves in uncharted waters.


He says he's set aside a budget to help turn those ideas into reality.


“I'm looking forward to number #30.  How many of us have wanted to be on the other end of this. The receiving end,” said Dodd.   On his list, #30 is “shouting 'drinks on me' at the bar and pay."


Just one of 52 challenges, Dodd has set for himself this year.


“I'm going to get it done, I'm going to accomplish this if it's at the 11th hour,” said Dodd.


Exactly one year ago, 10TV told you of Dodd’s completed New Year's resolution to hug at least one person a day.  Each hug and each person, chronicled in his hug log.


“Some days were filled with others, and there were days that were one person,” said Dodd.


As much as that journey was about fulfilling his goal, it touched others along the way, and he hopes this new resolution will do much of the same.


“Leaving a $100 tip on a small bill. That could really affect someone's life,” said Dodd.


He says all of his goals are attainable.  “Staying up 24 hours in New York City. The plane ticket's purchased for the end of the month,” said Dodd.


He says some are loftier than others, “going a week without technology. I know it's going to be hard, but some of these are challenges, such as the 10 pull-ups.”


The idea for all this, he says, literally sprouted from within.   He says his first idea was to grow a beard. “And then I said to myself, why stop at one thing. Let's do 52. Let's do something once a week for 52 weeks. So, it really started with this,” said Dodd.


With a smile on his face, Dodd took the first step in completing number #16 on New Year’s day by running one of 12 5k races.


“I have my medal. So, I'm off to a good start, so there's no turning back now,” said Dodd.


Dodd says there are a few items on the list, still being ironed out.  For example, number #17 is to "make somebody's wish come true."  He says he'll know what to do for that, when the time is right.

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