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Postal Problem Delays Christmas Gifts

UPDATED: Wednesday December 25, 2013 11:41 PM

A Delaware couple shipped gifts at the local post office but the package is nowhere to be found.

"These are specific Santa items,"  said Stephanie Townsend.

The top of the list items, their biggest wants.  That's what Townsend picked up for her niece and nephew.

'It was very important for me to be a part of their Christmas.  They're going through a pretty tough ordeal,"  said Townsend.  "Their stepmother is ill.  She has breast cancer and is going through chemotherapy."

The kids expected Santa to deliver the gifts on Christmas.  Stephanie expected them to be delivered way before that.

"The package was supposed arrive on the 17th of December, so 2 day priority,"  said Shawn Long, Townsend's boyfriend.

Long mailed the package and realized the day after, the postal worker typed in the wrong zip code.

"Instead of sending it to Syracuse, Ohio, they shipped it to Pleasant Lake, Indiana,"  said Long.

So they tracked it.

"It had left a sort facility in Columbus and arrived at a sort facility in Indianapolis,"  said Long.  "The tracking information said that it left the sorting facility in Indianapolis and nobody knew where it was from that point on."

Tracking shows it came back to the sorting facility.  Townsend spent hours on hold, calling the number on the receipt and four different post offices.

"I even offered to intercept the package personally by driving to Indianapolis and get it to its destination on time,"  said Long.

But no one can find it.  Townsend wanted to rebuy the gifts.

"We suggested that early on and were told, don't do that, it will make it there on time,"  said Townsend.

Long says he wasn't offered insurance so only 50 dollars of the approximately 700 dollar package would be covered.
Since the post office is closed on Christmas, 10TV couldn't contact anyone for comment.