Central Ohio Gets Ready to Celebrate Christmas

UPDATED: Tuesday December 24, 2013 11:39 PM

The holiday spirit is alive and well in central ohio.

Family and Friends are getting ready to celebrate Christmas -- in a variety of ways.


“Is that them”?, says Marybeth Newton of Columbus


She’s  one anxious Mom.


“do I see him? ", she says as she stands in the waiting area of port columbus


She's not alone..


“I think that maybe her coming", says Nancy Sloan of Upper Arlington


Netown is waiting for her son, who hasn't been home for Christmas in 6 years.


“ Hiiiiiiii ", she screams as her son appears.


Nancy Sloan hasn't seen her daughter since July 4th..


But this year, she'll be home for Christmas...

“It is wonderful. We've been waiting for this,” says Newton


“Oh I'm always so happy to see them come home because they all live out

of town, says Sloan.


For Harry Lucas..


“I'm always in the holiday spirit”,  he says.


Santa will have no problem finding his address.


Thousands of lights flicker to the beat of music that are in sync with his two speakers that blare Christmas music.

Every year he says, he and his son untangle the strings of lights so others can enjoy

his holiday tradition.

“First it was just a couple little reindeer and a tree they we went bigger and bigger

I don't know many lights are out here,” he says,


For Hundreds of others..

There's only one place they'd be on Christmas Eve..Church.

For the Taylor family,  Christmas means thinking of others.

“My Grandma sick right now so  and I'll be praying for her and that other families

get what they want this Christmas, “said 17 year old Hunter Taylor


So whether it's  running into the arms of someone you love, lighting up the house like a star, or praying in a house worship one thing is clear, for some this is the best time of year.

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