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1959 Message In Bottle Found On Glacier Leads Scientists Back To Ohio State University

UPDATED: Thursday December 19, 2013 4:44 PM

A bizarre discovery in the arctic has led scientists back to Ohio State University.

A note from 1959 was found under a pile of rocks in a cairn (man-made pile of stones), near the edge of a glacier.

In the note, an American geologist had measured the distance of the glacier and asked for whoever found the note to re-measure the distance, and send the information back to Ohio State.

Ian Howat, Associate Professor at the Ohio State School of Earth Sciences, says because there were not satellites at the time, this measurement is one of the first recorded in this region.

“It's probably one of our earliest definite measurements for any high latitude glacier that far north, for sure. These glaciers haven't been visited by scientists for 50 or 60 years,” said Howat.

The measurement proved the glacier did recede, which took a lot of foresight at that time.

The geologist who left the note, Paul T. Walker, passed away during that expedition.

The note was put back for the next person to measure the receding glacier.

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