Columbus Police Warn About Dangers Of Realistic Toy Guns

UPDATED: Thursday December 19, 2013 8:57 AM

Columbus Police are issuing a warning for anyone playing with a toy gun - keep it inside.

The warning comes as police officers report an increase in the realistic-looking toys. The toys even look real to the most seasoned of professional police officers.

Columbus Police officer David Wilson has more than two decades on the force. He is passionate about his job to serve and protect but says he's fed up with citizens toting toy guns in public.

"He's at the bus stop at 17th and Cleveland, and when a car goes by he goes like that, he goes like that when a car goes by, and guess what - they called the police," said Wilson, as he describes the man who was holding a toy gun and threatening others. When police responded, the suspect immediately dropped the gun.

In California that was not the case. A 13 year-old boy was shot dead by police for refusing to drop what officers thought was a real gun, but it was a toy.

"It's made out of metal and wood and it shoots BB's, but he had that and didn't drop it, and (the officer) shot him and killed him," said Wilson.

It's a scenario that he says could very likely happen here as toy gun owners become bold and paint over the orange caps that represent the fact that they're toys.

Wilson says leave the toys at home or face a sobering reality.

"We're not trained to shoot guns out of anyone's hand, or wing people or trained to give warning shots, we're not doing any of that," he said. "We're trained to shoot center mass until the threat is neutralized."

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