Knox County Woman Wins Battle To Keep Saved Wild Animals

UPDATED: Tuesday December 17, 2013 6:29 PM

The lives of several wild animals on a Knox County farm have been spared.

Carol Deyo, who's battling Stage 4 breast cancer, has continued to battle with wildlife officials to keep them alive.

10TV first introduced you to the deer Trooper, Patch and four wild raccoons back in late July.

Deyo is a former veterinary technician. She was not only battling complications from her cancer, but also fighting with state wildlife officials to keep her beloved animals alive.

Now, after months of denied permits, pending criminal charges and a last ditch petition effort - a phone call changed it all.

"I just had tears in my eyes, I couldn't believe that now it's finally over," said Deyo as the charges were officially been dropped.

She signed the paperwork on Monday, and the lives of her animals have been spared.

When she first encountered Trooper, he needed a leg amputated and Patch was struck by a car. Their resilience, she said, gave her strength to fight her own battle with cancer.

Not only has she fought the odds with her diagnosis, but also with the ODNR's Division of Wildlife that originally argued the wild animals were illegally obtained.

"I just kept thinking we've got to keep going, so we can save these animals," said Deyo.

Trooper and Patch along with their new friend Donald the duck will now serve as educational tools for children and the handicapped.

Deyo says it's a service that otherwise would not have been possible without the ODNR’s permission.

"It restores my faith in human nature for what they've done," Deyo said.

There are some provisions with the dismissal of charges including that Deyo has been ordered not to take on any more wildlife.

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