Medics Not Paid After Company Abruptly Shuts Down

UPDATED: Friday December 13, 2013 11:29 PM

A fleet of ambulances sits idle and people who drove them are still waiting to get paid.

MedCorp shut down and filed for bankruptcy. Employees were supposed to get their final paycheck on Friday. But the paychecks were never sent.

EMT Gary Harman is organizing a new ambulance this week. He's a lucky one. He landed a new job immediately after MedCorp shut down abruptly Monday.

"Just shock completely," said Harman. "We felt very stable. We knew there was some restructuring going on but we felt, as a station in Columbus, we were very stable."

Employees were told they'd get their final paycheck on Friday, but nothing has arrived.

"What I had saved up for Christmas presents and the trip home, I'm from Toledo, is what I'm living on now," said Harman.

MedCorp is under the parent company, FirstMed. It has locations in six states. A letter was sent out from the board of directors. It said, "Despite having sufficient revenues to honor all current employee expenses, as a result of the lenders' notice of default and their subsequent cash sweeps from our deposit accounts, the company was prevented from being able to process final payroll this week."

Employees don't know if they'll ever see that money.

"Oh no, we can't get ahold of anybody in the company," Harman said.

Paramedic Paul Chester was also, like Harman, picked up immediately by Family EMS.  But with two kids, the whole situation has him on edge.

"Oh, unbelievably, yeah. It was stressful not to have the security of a paycheck every week," said Chester.

But Chester says he gained something else very valuable from his time at MedCorp that's tough to lose.

"About a year and a half and I felt like I'd been there ten. It was like a big family over there," Chester said.

We left messages with FirstMed's CEO, but he hasn't returned our calls.

The MedCorp employees have filed a class action lawsuit for not being given notice and for loss of wages.

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