Holiday Rush Has Delivery Services Hard At Work

UPDATED: Wednesday December 11, 2013 5:56 PM

You don't have to walk a mile in the shoes of postal carrier to know that they are carrying a lot more mail these days.

"In some areas of Columbus, they may be having six to ten times the normal volume of parcels", said David Van Allen, USPS spokesman.

Inside the post office's circulation center in northeast Columbus, you'll find one of the largest mail distribution centers in the country.

During the Christmas season, it's flooded with packages and mail from nine cities around Ohio.

"Next week, we expect peak at about 2.8 million pieces that's over three times our volume," says Van Allen.

In fact, there's so much holiday mail going out that UPS has its drivers working into the night to make sure everyone's gifts arrive on time.

"One thing we're doing is having drivers out as late as 10 o'clock and 11 o'clock at night, so you can see packages delivered that late," said Jaime Lane Manager of the UPS store at Polaris.

But before you wrap it and pack it, Lane says you'll want to avoid common packaging problems.

"People pack with tissue paper, newspaper brown paper crumpled up I've seen people using towels even real popcorn," he says.

None of it, he says, will protect your gift.

"It's just going to flatten. There's no rigidity to it,'' he says.

UPS suggest always wrap your gift in bubble wrap and add foam peanuts if you can.

Lanes says a box will lose 50 percent of its strength during a single shipment, so he suggests always use a new box.

There are only 11 shipping days left in the month if you want to get your gift by Christmas.

That means you'll need to get your gift in the mail by next Tuesday at the latest.

International shipments need to be shipped this week.

But for those who carry it, package it, ship it, and sort it - one thing is certain. They are all in for some very long days to make sure your gift arrives on time.

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