Search Is On For Hottest Christmas Toys Of The Season

UPDATED: Tuesday December 10, 2013 5:50 PM

With around two weeks until Christmas, your child may be dreaming of getting one of the hottest toys of the year.

But if you haven’t started the shopping, you may be in trouble.

There's the robotic dog, the talkative fur ball called a Furby Boom, and a child's version of an iPad called a Leapfrog Leap Pad.

They are some of the hottest toys for Christmas this year, but can you find them in Central Ohio?

Zoomer is one of the hottest toys this year. The mechanical dog acts like a real puppy, just without the vet bill. There were four earlier in the day at Toys R Us, but they were gone by the evening. 10TV found one listing on, but the online listings are changing by the moment.

The toy that hugs is also a big seller this year. For $49, Big Hugs Elmo is going fast. There were four left at the Target on Olentangy River Road. Toys R Us says it has several in stock.

The next generation of Furby toys remains a hot seller.

Prices can range from $40-72 depending on where you shop. Target and Toys R Us say they have both have plenty in stock.

If your child is into puzzles, they probably already know about the Lego Minecraft. Target, and Toys R Us carry them but some Target stores are sold out.

If you're not into fighting the crowds at local stores you can find most of these toys online at places like,, and

Leap Frog Ultra Pad Learning Tablet sells for $82.95 at That compares at $149 at other stores.

Whether your child is looking for a Solar Recon Launcher or  a "Despicable Me 2"  toy, paying for it may be the easiest part because finding it may take a Christmas miracle.

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