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Fire Battalion Chief Responds To Misconduct Allegations

UPDATED: Tuesday December 10, 2013 11:38 PM

Interviews were released in the investigation of a Columbus battalion chief accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a firefighter.

The investigation started after allegations Firefighter Marc Cain gave a woman security codes to station 17 so they could have sex inside.

10TV also learned another firefighter is under investigation for sneaking a woman into his bedroom at the station by having her crawl through a window.

In the investigation transcripts, the chief was asked directly, "Did you ever engage in sexual conduct with the firefighter at station 17?" He replied, "No. Not only not at station 17. Never, ever."

The woman's response was the same, "Never. Not at the station. Not outside the station."

While none of the other firefighters interviewed at station 17 saw any sexual contact, all say the relationship seemed inappropriate and different than the chief's other work relationships. All of the firefighters who were interviewed witnessed the chief and the woman in each other's bedrooms.  

One firefighter was asked, "How much time would they spend in each other's bedroom?"  

His response, " was an exorbitant amount of time."  

"How often did this occur?" the investigator asked.

"On a regular basis," the firefighter replied.  

He went on to say he was in the bedroom next to the woman's and "It would be after midnight. It would be in strange hours late at night."

The chief and the female firefighter don't deny being in each other's bedrooms. But both say they were talking about incidents at the firehouse. They said the woman had frequent issues with other firefighters.

Many of the firefighters also say they think the woman was given special treatment. They say she called the chief by his first name and used the computer in his office often.  

One said "She was like up here. Whatever she did...nobody could say anything to her because we all felt like if we say something to her she's going to go complain to the chief."  

The investigator asked, "You thought he would retaliate against you?"  

The firefighter said "Retaliate against us."

The chief and woman both denied these accusations as well. The female firefighter ended her interview by saying "In some aspects I interpret it as sexist.  If any male firefighter developed a friendship with the chief, they wouldn't make these allegations.  They wouldn't jump to those assumptions."

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