Court Records Show Driver Had Bottle Of Whiskey On School Bus

UPDATED: Monday December 2, 2013 8:39 PM

The Columbus City School Bus driver, accused of driving a school bus drunk, will be now be arraigned next week.

Tia Denton showed up to court Monday morning but her attorney asked for a delay.

10TV has learned new information on Denton's route that day.

Parents, whose children were on Denton's school bus, say that was an emotional afternoon they won't soon forget.

"We were all standing outside just waiting, trying to make phone calls, when she came down the street. I mean she was just flying," said mother Angela Williams.

Williams says bus driver, Tia Denton, was speeding as she made the turn just before her 11-year-old son's bus stop.

She says her sister-in-law, Candice Moore, who also had two children on the bus, had to wave her arms and scream for her to stop.

"The kids got off the bus saying they felt sick, their heads were hurting, their necks were hurting," said Williams

"I asked her why are you two hours late dropping our kids off and she said sometimes things just happen that way," said mother Candice Moore

Both mothers say they took their children to see their doctors because their kids complained of headaches.

They also say they want to know more about what happened *before* Denton got behind the wheel.

Denton was supposed to appear in court Monday but her attorney asked for a delay.

The 51-year-old was expected to answer to charges she drove children around with a blood alcohol level that was almost three-times the legal limit.

Columbus City Schools confirms Denton checked out of the bus compound at two in the afternoon that day. 

They say her first stop was at Marion-Franklin High School.

After dropping off those students, Denton went to Southwood Elementary school for their trip home.

Denton was finally stopped in the area of Parsons Avenue and Leach Drive.

According to court records 10TV obtained, a bottle of Canadian Mist whiskey was also found on the bus.

Police say Denton was released to her husband, instead of being taken to jail, because she was so intoxicated.

"That really, really, enrages me," said Williams "The fact that she got to go home to her family while we're here cleaning up the mess and dealing our kids going through this traumatic experience."

Denton will be back in court next week.

Columbus City Schools says because Denton is a civil-service employee she is entitled to a hearing before it takes any action.

That hearing is Wednesday.

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