Teen Says Man Exposed Himself, Tried To Entice Her Into Truck in Broad Daylight

UPDATED: Saturday October 19, 2013 11:57 PM

A part of the Short North community is now on alert, after a girl tells police a man exposed himself to her, touched himself, and then tried to entice her to get into his truck.  She says it all happened in broad daylight.

The teen told Columbus police it happened at the intersection of West 5th and Hunter Avenues outside of a business, where she was interning.

Mechanics at Alternative Auto Care, an auto-repair shop run exclusively by women, said the teen, who is a minor, just finished her work shift.

She had just left for the bus to take her back to school, when the mechanics say she ran back inside, worried over what she just witnessed.

“I'm standing here, working on the car. She comes to me crying, and I said 'what's wrong with you?' you know, 'who hurt you?' and she couldn't catch her breath immediately,” said Alternative Auto Care mechanic Debra Brown.

The girl told police a man pulled up next to her in a truck, with no pants on and was touching himself.  According to the police report, he tried to entice her into the truck.

Brown says, upon word of what just happened, she became defensive and went after the man with her wrench in hand, but never found him.

She says soon after the teen called police, she called her mother.

“I understand things like this can happen anywhere, but when it happens to your child, it's obviously a lot more unsettling,” the teen’s mother tells 10TV.

The teen's mother wants neighbors to be aware, especially with so many children in that neighborhood.

“Fortunately my daughter is a little bit older, so she was able to deal with it. But for a child that's maybe five or six years old, I'm sure it would have been terrifying,” said the teen’s mother.

According to the police report, the suspect was driving a white Ford pickup truck with Indiana plates.

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