Sheriff: Mother of 3 Who Died On I-71 Ran Out Of Gas

UPDATED: Monday September 23, 2013 11:32 PM

The Franklin County Sheriff's Office says a woman was killed after being struck on Interstate 71 south on Monday afternoon.

The sheriff's office said that 29-year-old Ashley S. Dennison died while trying to run across I-71, near I-270, on the south side.

Now, here friends are trying to come to terms with what happened.

"Everybody's just wondering why. Why'd it have to be her. Why'd it have to be anybody. Why did it have to happen," said Jennifer Ladley.

Officials said that her vehicle had run out of gas at around noon and she crossed the highway once to try to get help.

Sheriff's officials said that when her boyfriend arrived on the scene to help, she tried to run back across the lanes to him, which is when she was struck and killed.

Dennison was pronounced dead at the scene.

Dennison leaves behind three young boys.  Though, Ladley believes her inner beauty will live on.

"She got reunited with her grandpa today and her grandpa is a big part of her life. And to be with him, she's probably very happy and smiling down on everybody, just looking over us all," said Ladley.

The crash remains under investigation. 

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