Attorney: Client Who Confessed Via Video To Killing Man Surprised About Reaction

UPDATED: Friday September 6, 2013 6:52 PM

A man who admitted to killing another while driving drunk will be officially charged on Monday.

On Friday, 10TV News spoke with the attorney for Matthew Cordle, who recently released a video confessing to driving drunk the wrong way on Interstate 670 and killing Vincent Canzani.

In the video, Cordle, said he did not want to dishonor Canzani’s memory by lying about what happened on June 22.

“I think he’s surprised about the attention that the video has gained,” said George Breitmayer, Cordle’s attorney. “While it was made to raise awareness, he didn’t make it so he would be a viral sensation, so it would put the spotlight on him. He wants the spotlight to be the issues he’s talking about. The issues of drinking and driving. How it can happen to anybody.”

Breitmayer said that his client also hopes the victim’s family accepts his apology.

The 22-year-old man will face an aggravated vehicular homicide charge, which could land him two to eight years in prison.

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