Extreme Heat Can Cause Health, A/C Issues

UPDATED: Wednesday July 17, 2013 6:26 PM

Temperatures soared to 90 degrees for a fourth straight day Wednesday in Columbus.

This type of weather can be very dangerous, especially for people without air conditioning and those who spend long periods of time out in the sun.

Doctors say working outside in the heat or taking part in any type of strenuous outdoor activity can lead to a high risk of heat illnesses.
"If you're feeling faint, if you're feeling dizzy, if you have nausea or vomiting, you probably need to go to the emergency department immediately so you can be evaluated for heat exhaustion or heat stroke," said Dr. David Keseg, the medical director for the Columbus Division of Fire.
The hot weather is also potentially dangerous for pets.
Humane agents with the Capital Area Humane Society responded to more than two dozen calls Wednesday for the possibility of neglected animals.
Agents stress the need to provide the basic necessities for any pets left outdoors.
"It's extremely critical and sometimes life-threatening for dogs to be left outside without shade, shelter or water," said Alexis Schwartz, a humane agent with the Capital Area Humane Society. "If you suspect neglect or abuse, you can always call us and leave a voicemail 24 hours."
Humane agents were not the only people busy dealing with heat-related issues. Air conditioning service techs were putting in some long hours.
Adam Whitney, a service tech with Atlas Butler Heating and Cooling, says he typically responds to three to five service calls a day but has been responding to five to eight this week.
He says the biggest problem in this heat is motor failure due to overheating. He says regular maintenance can help prevent many issues.
"Have us come out twice a year, once to service the air conditioner during the spring months and again in the fall to get the furnace ready for winter," Whitney said.

Stay with the Doppler 10 team for the latest on the heat-related weather alerts in central Ohio.

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