Man Chases Burglars Down Street

UPDATED: Wednesday March 20, 2013 11:34 PM

David Ayers said he got back to his Quinby Drive home early Monday from a weekend away, only to find his place trashed.

"I go in, look, and I see stuff scattered everywhere," he said.

Ayers said the burglars broke in through a window and stole expensive electronics, like gaming systems, but left some items behind.

"About five games, but they were good games so I know they was coming back for more," Ayers said.
Sure enough, Tuesday afternoon, Ayers said he was home when a suspicious person kept knocking on his door.

Thinking the crooks were back.  He said he called 911 and waited inside.

That's when he said the crooks busted in again through the same window.

But this time, Ayers was ready for them.

"Soon as they came through the door, I jumped from around the corner and said 'I got you!'"

Ayers said he chased both 15-year-old suspects out of the house, but one jumped a fence.

 He said he then chased the other suspect down the street until officers showed up and arrested him.

The other suspect was also arrested a short time later.

Ayers said 911 dispatchers advised him to not chase after the suspects, but he decided to anyway.

Ayers said these haven't been the only break-ins in his neighborhood, and he's glad to help catch some crooks who apparently couldn't resist coming back for more.

"Never return to the scene. That's dumb," he said. "But I'm glad they did. And I got them. I'm satisfied."

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