Police: Cornell Students Caught Allegedly Breaking Into Houses Near Ohio State University

UPDATED: Thursday March 21, 2013 9:10 AM

Four men who claimed to be on spring break were arrested for allegedly breaking into Ohio State campus-area houses.

Scott Feldmiller says two nights ago he got a wake up he'll never forget, Columbus police banging on the front door to tell him he was just burglarized.

Scott says as he looked around his apartment, he initially did not see anything that was missing.

"Two laptops still sitting on the kitchen room table," Feldmiller told 10TV's Jason Frazer.

However, when his roommates checked the kitchen, Scott's roommate says they noticed a case of beer missing.

"It just kind of worries me that our house was that susceptible to kids walking in," says John Mercurio.

Investigators say undercover officers saw 21 year old Sean Dennin walk inside Scott's East 16th Avenue apartment near Ohio State University. 

22 year old Eric Brown, 22 year old David Martin and 21 year old Eric Gerow allegedly acted as lookouts.

When they were done, police say they walked up to additional homes checking to see whose doors were unlocked. 

When Sean allegedly walked outside of a second home, all four were arrested.

"You hear about crime going on but you never think its going to be students especially from another school," says Mercurio.

Police say at the time of the arrest, the students claimed they were Cornell University students and traveled more than 460 miles to OSU for spring break.

All four men face felony charges.

10TV tried to reach the students at their Cornell email addresses. Through an attorney, three of the suspects declined comment. He stated all four were out on bond.

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