Facebook Tips Could Lead To Answers In Hit-And-Run Investigation

UPDATED: Friday October 5, 2012 5:43 PM

Joni McGinty was killed in a hit-and-run crash in Marion on Labor Day 2011.

Investigators said recent Facebook tips are making them more hopeful about solving the case.

The city of Marion has no other unsolved homicides than that of McGinty's hit and run.

Major Bill Collins said a flurry of recent activity on the department's Facebook page could now lead to an arrest.

After a year, it seems some people have started talking.

"That's certainly the direction of the way the case is heading now, that this person may have divulged information to other people about the crime and the night it happened," said Collins.

On that day, witnesses have said that a car turning onto Wilson Avenue struck and ran over McGinty. The driver left the scene, and almost no physical evidence was left behind.

Even McGinty's clothes were sent to the lab for testing to help identify the vehicle.

Residents near the crime scene said they don't know how whoever did this is living with it on their mind.

"I would have to think that the person that did this, it has certainly been weighing on their conscience," added Collins.

The most recent tip has helped connect some dots.

Police said that maybe the owner of the car has no idea their vehicle was involved in a crime.

"Maybe this person wasn't driving that vehicle, somebody else was driving that vehicle, but it is the same vehicle," added Collins.

McGinty was a mother and a grandmother. Her daughter said holidays and birthdays have been hardest since her passing, but she's happy to learn police are getting closer to solving this crime.

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