Man Struck By Car Sues Makers Of Four Loko

UPDATED: Tuesday October 2, 2012 1:26 PM

A central Ohio man seriously injured when he ran into traffic and was struck by a car is suing the makers of a controversial alcoholic drink he says made him do it.

The Columbus Dispatch reports that 28-year-old Richard "Tommy" Whaley filed suit against Phusion Products, the Chicago-based maker of the Four Loko drink.

Whaley blames the fruit-flavored malt liquor - which combined caffeine and a high alcohol content - for his irrational behavior and says the company failed to warn consumers about its potency.

The company said it doesn't comment on pending lawsuits.

Under pressure from the Food and Drug Administration, Phusion announced in November 2010 that it would remove caffeine and other stimulants from Four Loko.

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