Romney Not Apologizing For 'Off The Cuff' Remarks

UPDATED: Tuesday September 18, 2012 5:25 PM

Mitt Romney is planning no apology after a video surfaced in which he said nearly half of Americans "believe they are victims" and that they are entitled to extensive support from the government.

Romney was addressing some of his top contributors when the tape was recorded. He did not know he was being recorded, and the tape has not been released in its entirety.

"Whoever has released the snippets, I would certainly appreciate if they would release the whole tape, so we could see all of it," Romney said.
A portion that has been released has Romney talking about several things, but perhaps the most damaging, is at one point he dismisses 47 percent of American voters

"My job is not to worry about those people," Romney can be heard saying.

Romney is expected to respond to questions about the statement by reinforcing what he said Monday night which is that President Barack Obama favors a "government-centered society" in which people are dependent on public support.

The GOP candidate does not have public events set for Tuesday, but plans to raise money in Salt Lake City and in Dallas.

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