NY Agency Destroys Diseased Hatchery Fish

UPDATED: Monday September 17, 2012 10:32 AM

New York conservation officials say they have destroyed 131,000 fish at the Rome State Fish Hatchery in central New York because of an outbreak of a bacterial disease over the past several months.

Agency Commissioner Joe Martens says they won't stock sick fish in the wild and this was the only way to address the outbreak.

The state's hatchery system produces about 2.4 million brook, brown, and rainbow trout for spring stocking each year.

The DEC says a draft plan outlines measures to clean up the hatchery, including restrictions on transfers and ongoing testing of fish.

Because of shortages, the agency says it expects 224 lakes and ponds in the Adirondacks will be stocked with brook trout, or 102 less than originally planned.


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