State Senator Investigated For Domestic Violence

UPDATED: Thursday July 21, 2011 1:01 PM

The Delaware County prosecutor's office was investigating filing disorderly conduct charges against an Ohio State senator and his wife after an incident at their condominium earlier this month.

Police were called to the home of Kris Jordan on July 11 after his wife dialed 911, 10TV's Chuck Strickler reported.

Jordan, 34, was elected to the Ohio Senate in November.  Jordan, a Republican, represents Delaware and four other counties. 

His wife, Melissa Jordan, is the Delaware County recorder.  Shortly before 11 p.m. on July 11, she called 911 and hung up.  When the dispatcher called back, she said, "Just, please, get somebody here My husband please."

Melissa Jordan told dispatchers that there were guns inside the home but she was not being threatened.

"He took it out of his pocket and laid it down in the other room," Melissa Jordan said.  "It's not on him right now.  He's going to flip out."

Melissa Jordan went on to tell the 911 dispatcher that she had never called police for help.

"He's done this a lot," she said.  "I just can't put up with it anymore."

Melissa Jordan told the dispatch that Kris Jordan was drinking and was pushing her around.  She wanted to cancel the call.

"I made a mistake calling," Melissa Jordan said.

No medics were needed and no injuries were reported, Strickler reported.

The couple released a statement Wednesday that said, "Like many couples, we have stressful lives. We had an emotional argument and are embarrassed that some very personal issues have become public. We are all human. We make mistakes. Please allow us the space, time and privacy to work through this together. We ask for your prayers."

"We're aware of the situation, but no charges have been filed, so we're not going to comment or speculate," said Jim McClelland, a Republican senate spokesman.

Melissa Jordan decided not to bring domestic violence charges against Kris Jordan, Strickler reported.

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