BMV Clears Ohio State In Car Purchases

UPDATED: Thursday August 4, 2011 1:02 PM

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles said on Tuesday that its investigation of Ohio State football players' car purchases found no evidence players received improper deals.

The investigative report showed that Ohio State players paid reasonable profits for cars that they purchased, 10 Investigates' Paul Aker reported.

The 65-page report also stated that players did not trade memorabilia for car deals at two Columbus car dealerships.

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BMV investigators looked at 25 deals made by Jack Maxton Chevrolet and Auto Direct, the dealers that were named in a Columbus Dispatch article in May.

The investigators found that the dealerships made money on all of the used cars sales except for one.  According to the report, the dealership needed to sell the car because had the car for too long, more than five months.

The report also said that previous reports that NFL player and former Buckeye Thaddeus Gibson purchased a car for no money were untrue. State records showed that Gibson paid $13,700 for the car.

The BMV investigation was consistent with 10 Investigates' findings involving Gibson's car.

Ohio State University president Gordon Gee spoke publicly for the first time on Tuesday about a possible conflict of interest after 10 Investigates first reported that the school's top compliance officer drives dealer cars.

"It strikes me as one of those issues we need to talk about," Gee said.  "When the process is finished, we'll make a determination as to what we should do, and what we'll do."

10 Investigates reported that most other Big Ten universities allow their athletic directors to drive courtesy cars.  But unlike Ohio State, at several of those universities, the athletic director does not solely oversee the compliance office, 10 Investigates' Paul Aker reported.

Only three other Big Ten schools allow their person in charge of compliance to take courtesy cars, Aker reported.

Ohio State has an ongoing review of compliance issues associated with the NCAA investigation.  The exact extent of the university's review -- or how long it will take -- is not clear.

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