Product Used For Lawns May Be Killing Trees

UPDATED: Wednesday August 17, 2011 2:55 PM

A lawn care product being used to kill weeds could also be harmful to trees, 10TV's Josh Poland reported on Friday.

The herbicide Imprelis is believed to be behind yellow needles and contorted growth in spruces and other evergreens.

"We are hearing from other arborists throughout the state, nation and throughout the country with this problem," said Chris Shlum, a certified master arborist.  "It's not just localized just here in Columbus or even just a certain property.  It sounds like it's going to be a pretty big problem."

Ron and Caryl Schull, of Gahanna, said their landscaping suffered a major setback when three of their trees began to show signs of dying.

They said the problems developed after their landscaper used Imprelis to treat some weeds near the trees.

"They spot-sprayed weeds around the trees, leeched into the soil and now you can see the results," Ron Schull said.

The product's manufacturer, DuPont, issued a statement about the possible connection between its product and trees.

"DuPont has received reports of unfavorable effects on certain species of trees," the company statement read.  "Until our investigation is complete and all information has been gathered, it is difficult to determine what variables contributed to the symptoms being observed."

While DuPont tries to determine what role its product might have played in the problem, the Schulls said their landscaper was very apologetic and promised to replace the trees if they die.

They said that they won't won't be able to replace the heart and soul they put into getting their yard the way they had it, Poland reported.

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