Ohio State To Pay $1 Million To Family Of Freshman Crushed By Elevator

UPDATED: Wednesday April 13, 2011 1:35 PM

The Ohio State University announced on Tuesday that it will pay the family of a freshman who was killed in a residence hall elevator $1 million.

Andy Polakowski was killed on Oct. 20, 2006, as he was trying to exit an overcrowded Stradley Hall elevator, 10TV News reported.

The elevator was struck between floors.  Polakowski, 18, from Erie, Pa., was wedged between the elevator's ceiling and the floor of the third-floor lobby as it fell from the third floor.

The lawsuit that was filed by Polakowski's parents alleged that the university was negligent.

Twenty-three other passengers were on the elevator at the time of the incident.  None of those passengers were injured.

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"We are pleased to have reached a settlement in this case and hope that the conclusion of the proceedings will bring a measure of comfort to the Polakowski family," the university announced in a statement.  " The death of Andrew Polakowski was a tragic loss for his family and friends and also deeply affected many members of The Ohio State University community. His passing serves as a continual reminder of the need for constant vigilance and education regarding student safety."

The Ohio Department of Commerce determined that the elevator's main brake failed and the elevator was not capable of holding the 3,125 pounds that it should have.

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