Lawmakers Could Challenge 'Eyeball' Speeding Law

UPDATED: Friday January 14, 2011 1:18 PM

A bill sponsored by some statehouse Republicans could change the way police write speeding tickets, 10TV's Jason Frazer reported on Wednesday.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol uses a variety of methods to catch speeding drivers.

"In 2010 troopers issued nearly 80,000 traffic citations that were for 20 mph over the posted speed limit," said Ohio State Highway Patrol Lt. Gary Lewis. "We utilize radar, laser. We have the opportunity to utilize the aircraft."

But officers do not have to use any high-tech device to write speeding tickets.

Under Ohio law, if police think a motorist is speeding, they can be pulled over, Frazer reported.

Under the proposed law, officers could no longer depend on what they see. Instead they would have to use a radar gun or other device to catch motorists in the act, Frazer reported.

Rep. Barbara Sears is sponsoring the bill. She said her office has received complaints about officers issuing tickets based solely on visual observation.

"It's still going to be business as usual for us; still making that first visual observation and having that speed verified by the electronic speed monitoring device," Lewis said. "The bottom line is speed kills and we have to get the public to do their part and drive the posted speed limit."

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