Promoter Cancels Homeless Radio Man's Appearances

UPDATED: Thursday January 13, 2011 7:27 AM

Promoters announced on Wednesday that all interviews and media appearances for Ted Williams, the Columbus homeless man whose smooth radio voice made him an Internet sensation, have been canceled.

A news release from Battle Plan Promotions said that events were canceled to allow Williams time to "decompress, rest and get the professional help that he needs."

"After consulting with several psychologists and doctors we all agree that (it's) time to allow private healing to take place. Ted would like to express his sincere thanks for all the love and support he has received," the news release said.

The announcement came a day after it was reported that Williams and his daughter were detained briefly by police after an incident at a Los Angeles hotel.

Officer Catherine Massey said Williams and his daughter got into a heated argument Monday night at a Hollywood hotel and officers were called.

Massey said officers took the pair to the Hollywood police station, calmed them down, talked to them and let them go in less than hour.  She said it was a minor disturbance and the pair weren't arrested.

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Williams told "Entertainment Tonight" that the argument with his daughter was a family gathering that got out of control.

Janey Williams told the program she was angry because her father, who is a recovering alcoholic and drug addict, had resumed drinking.

She claimed that her father has been drinking beers and consuming a bottle of vodka each night.
Ted Williams denied he had been drinking.

Late on Wednesday, a subpoena was issued for Williams by the Madison County Sheriff's office, according to the Madison Press, in London, Ohio.

Sheriff's deputies said Williams was a passenger in the car of a woman who was accused of drug abuse after being pulled over in May. Williams is wanted at a Feb. 11 hearing over whether deputies' search of the car was legal.
Laura Bogrees, who represents the woman, asked a judge last week to delay a hearing because the defendant was in New York. Williams also was in New York last week for media interviews.
Laura Bogrees, who represents the woman, declined to comment to the newspaper on the woman's relationship to Williams.
Williams' subpoena had initially been returned. Assistant prosecutor Eamon Costello said it was reissued last week.

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