Maryhaven Celebrates 23 Babies Born Sober

UPDATED: Wednesday February 9, 2011 11:49 AM

Some mothers working to battle addiction have given birth to tiny miracles that are beating the odds.

Maryhaven's Women's Center is booming with babies.

Infants Trinity, Elijah, Destinee, Kayana and Ethan were among the center's most recent babies to be born healthy, 10TV's Joanna Freeman reported on Wednesday. 

The center has two live-in programs, for expecting and new mothers battling drug addiction and mental illness.

"The hope for these ladies is that regardless of your trials and tribulations, you can be a mother today," said Maryhaven clinical director Natyoia Harris.

In the past year, 23 babies have been born healthy and drug-free.

The mothers said it is thanks to the services Maryhaven has provided them and the inspiration they receive from their children.

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