Delaware County Voter Told He's Dead

UPDATED: Wednesday November 3, 2010 6:08 AM

A Delaware County man was told he was dead after checking in with the Board of Elections on Monday to find out where he could vote early.

Robert Early Jr. is very much alive.  He moved to Ohio in 2008 and voted in that election, 10TV's Tanisha Mallett reported.

Early said he received a voting reminder card with his new location after moving again this year, but when he called to get more information about where to vote, he was told that records showed him as being deceased.

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The Delaware County Board of Elections said the mistake was the result of human error, Mallett reported.

"Somebody had the same last name as this person and accidentally put him down as deceased," said Delaware County Board of Elections director Brian Mumford.

If Early had not called the board and discovered the mistake, he would have been given a provisional ballot, Mumford said.

The situation was fixed and Early is eligible to vote, Mallet reported.

Still, Early said he was concerned that it could happen to someone else.

"I think that's what really hit home with me when I found out," Early said. "(It could happen to) not just myself, but anybody else."

The BOE said because mistakes can happen, voters should bring the appropriate identification with them to the polls.

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